How to get rid of spam Comments?

How to get rid of spam Comments? - Kumpulan berita mengenai perkembangan teknologi sekarang ini baik itu dari dalam negeri maupun dari luar negeri berusaha kami sampaikan kepada anda, Melalui website Lintas Techno kami berusaha berbagi informasi teknologi kepada anda yang pada kesempatan kali ini kami akan menyampaikan info tentang Teknologi How to get rid of spam Comments? Terbaru yang akan menambah wawasan anda mengenai teknologi yang ada sekarang ini, Berikut How to get rid of spam Comments? Selengkapnya:

How to get rid of spam Comments?

Morning knowledge for newbies 😛 How to get rid of spam?
Spam are mostly for promotions or for back links. Consider these things and hopefully you can get help. First thing that in WordPress you can install and activate plugin like akmiest or anti spam they'll help you.

But what if I don't want to install plugin or my platforms not support that. Whenever you are going to approve any comment check these qualities and approve or delete.

One of the important thing in comment well a good and true can be read you can use your brain for that. Don't approve comments with name like companies, keywords or others mostly spammers comment with name keywords because they want links and rank that keywords.

Well i hope you know what is email and what name real people use in email. So don't approve comments with emails like dddfhjh.bla bla. .com 😛

Now here is the real part comment. If the name and email is OK then most of new bloggers approve them. One of the big mistake. Always read comments carefully sometimes they link some particular keyword with links. Sometimes they appreciate you and in end they put regards and link.

We approve them and think how nice they but don't they only want link. Also read that what are they talking like sometimes you'll read

hi i am his name i like to invite you in our promotional posts sear google for this.

Be careful and don't accept these comments. I hope this ll help you in spam comments.
Good luck 😉

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